An update!

*taps mic* bzzzzzzz Well, wow, it’s been a while. A good couple of years since I actually updated this blog, my bad. In this time, I’ve done things like build a scaling platform to host Titanfall 2 (my name even went in to the credits for this)! I’ve changed jobs, I now work for a […]

Delivery Companies

In the UK we have a number of different delivery companies available. I feel for sure that I’ve been spoiled by companies like DPD who give you a 1 hour time slot; along side a system of tracking where your package actually is. With other delivery companies it is still very much a case of […]

Debian: PHP without Apache

If you’ve ever tried to install PHP on a Debian box, you may notice that is also tries to bring in Apache as well. This is great if you actually wanted to use Apache, but if you wanted to use another browser (nginx, lighttpd, etc) this is a bit of an issue. You can however […]

Like Every first blog post, hello!

Welcome, hello! I intend to use this blog, to try and post useful day-to-day snippets I may have come across. Some posts may be short, or just technical. I work for Multiplay, who are on online gaming and events company based out of the UK. I work as a DevOps engineer; but I originally started […]