Delivery Companies

on 2015-05-03

In the UK we have a number of different delivery companies available.

I feel for sure that I've been spoiled by companies like DPD, who give you a 1 hour time slot, alongside a system of tracking where your package actually is.

With other delivery companies, it is still very much a case of waiting all day for a 'man in a van' to actually turn up. But what happens when the 'man in the van' doesn't turn up? When a company like Yodel attempts to try and deliver something.

In most cases, I try avoiding criticising delivery companies online. It purely depends on the local delivery driver compared to the company itself. But I've suffered multiple issues with a couple of different companies over the last few years. Silly things like not getting a next-day delivery turning up due to it being Christmas; or it taking an extreme amount of time for a parcel (20 days).

As with all things, the local delivery driver can be rude, but this can be accepted if you know that they were going to turn up on time every day.

Sometimes the delivery service can be perfect, like Hermes, which I have only used once. It ended up being in the 20 minute window that I was out, the item was left in a safe and easily findable place.

At this time, I'm waiting for a delivery from 'Amazon Logistics' without any kind of view as to when they will turn up.

Hopefully, one day delivery companies will catch up and use a system of being able to pinpoint when items will turn up.

Update: 1st Oct 2017

The original post was rewritten to have more flow rather than being quite strongly opinionated as it was originally.

While my original views remain similar, there should still be a way to work out what time a parcel will turn up. I don't see this happening within the next 10 years, unfortunately.